Know Your School

The College is located at L.D.A. Colony, Aashiana. It is hundred meters from the famous Khazana Commercial Complex and situated opposite to Jal Vayu Vihar Colony. Decades of experience and educational expertise have contributed to an ideal educational environment. Efficient administration coupled with an ethos of devotional service of those employed has imbibed an evolutionary educational system. This unique system has incorporated multifarious technologies to create an intermingling of educational systems from around the globe.

The college's mission and educational philosophy aims to provide children with a broad base career oriented education so that they grow up to be thinking persons, equipped with the moral fibre and skill to excel in any situation anywhere in the world.

Towards this aim no quarter has been spared, in building excellent facilities and scouting the country for the best possible teaching talent. The College is being staffed with well-paid, humane, highly motivated and professional teachers, in order to provide the right environment for truly good education. The College's aim will remain commensurate with the needs of its students and there will be no compromise whatsoever on quality.

Modification and adjustability is our game plan with a Motto 'DO ALL THINGS WELL'. We offer the best at all levels; commencing with the three year olds to the eighteen year olds. If you feel that the infrastructure we possess is inadequate for your child, we supplement and compliment it with healthy growth.

The facade we offer you is not an end in itself, it is the beginning. We have everything required for child education. Not the multitude of computers like in Infosys, but as many to serve the intellectual capabilities of our children. The room is huge, spacious and practical. Internet free of cost, twenty-four hours. Use it, we say to all. All computers are used for project work and for the Board examination.

The College has three well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Materials and equipments we do not lack, we are par excellence. The College's resources in science inspire the students to ''Reach for the stars''.

There is a well-stocked Fiction and Reference library and the college subscribes to a variety of magazines and newspapers. Children are encouraged to use the Library regularly especially for their projects and other reference work.

We offer innovative beginnings for the Pre-primary children. We have delightful legacy of years of experience in garnishing child development to its fullest. A playpen, play and learn ''Fun & Learn''. ''See through doing'' is a special feature of process of early development. Emphasis is given on control of sensory and motor nerves. Stimulus Response theory is ideally exploited as one of the most innovative media of learning.

The teaching staff is well selected and replaced when complacency and neglect creep into the system. Groomed and encouraged to study further and to keep up with modern trends in education, they are sent for examinations, seminars and refresher courses to keep abreast with global standards.

We aspire to provide the best to all and extract the best for you and your family. For this purpose Parent-Teachers Meetings are organized on a regular basis. Special focus is provided to Board students.

Basement and lobby halls form a forum for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Throughout the calendar year, various activities help to bring about personality development by means of Inter-House Activities. The college has the proud distinction of bagging several awards at Crossroads and other Inter-School Competitions.

The College organizes on a regular basis; Inter-House sports competitions, which includes games like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton and Kho-Kho. Students have also brought laurels to the College in activities like Taekwondo and Fencing.

Music is a big culture. The Management feels music breeds talent and makes good citizens. So we get idealistic citizens with a bright future. The College takes pride in organizing Inter- House Music Competition to promote upcoming talent.

Children from Class First are divided into four Houses; Anthony House (Blue), named after Frank Anthony, President-in-Chief of the All India Anglo Indian Association, De Rozio House (Yellow), named after Henry Derozio, the famous Anglo Indian poet from Calcutta, Fanthome house (Green), named after Hubert and Inez Fanthome, joint founders of the St. Teresa's Day School and Gidney House (Red), named after Sir Henry Gidney, the first President-in-Chief of the Anglo Indian Association. There is a healthy competition among these houses. Prizes, Shields and Certificates are distributed to the victorious in various curricular and extra-curricular activities.

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