Director's Message

In this modern era of globalisation education needs upgradation. Essential instruments of teaching have to be reconstructed to meet universalistic needs. Effective use of media incorporating the maximum use of the senses should be imbibed for regular motor outputs.

We at St. Teresa’s College use motivational and innovative measures in the teaching of all subjects. Emphasis is given to the skills of reading, writing and listening.

Exposure to guided multimedia through smart classrooms, games, curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities enhances the global outlook of the child. Individual child study, keeping hereditary instinct and environment as a churning medium brings about a metamorphosis of establishing a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Parental participation and exposure at inter-school, national and global levels lay the path for proper vocational and career guidance with professionals from beyond the school playing an important part.

Domestic, habits of the body and mind, proper health and hygiene, mental alertness and opening avenues for a balanced living are inculcated in the students, in a systematic and progressive manner.

Awareness of surrounding local, national and international with patriotic fervour also form a part of the cult of the school.

We hope your child will be healthy, wise and spiritually wealthy with us.

God Bless.

Mrs. Charmaine Fanthome Beecham

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