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Updated on:19-Mar-2018
Admission Notice for class X
Dear Parents,     Students securing 90% and above from our institution will be given 50%   reduction scholarship on tuition fees and child securing 80% and above   will be given 25%...
Updated on:19-Mar-2018
Notice regarding Answersheet and fee dues
Dear Parents,     Kindly clear your fee dues by tomorrow (20/03/2018) at 9:00 am else    answersheets will not be shown.   Ignore if already paid.          ...
Updated on:13-Mar-2018
Notice for whole school
Dear Parents,   Kindly clear the fees of your ward till March 2018 before showing of answer scripts on 20 th March.                                ...
Updated on:26-Feb-2018
Examination notice & School timings from 26/Feb/2018 to 13/March/2018
Dear Parents,   1. School timings for Nursery to V from 26-Feb-2018 to 12-March-2018 will be from 09:30 a.m to  11:30 a.m. 2. School timings for VI  to IX  from 26-Feb-2018 to 13-March-2018 will be from 08:15 a.m to...
Updated on:08-Feb-2018
Notice For Whole School 2018
Dear Parents,   Kindly make sure that your ward is not carrying any sharp objects (like scissors, blades, penknife etc) and mobile phones in their school bags. Please check the bag thoroughly. If caught in possession of such objects the...
Updated on:05-Feb-2018
Strict Notice From Council 2018
Dear Parents,   You are advised to ensure that child from your school DO NOT wear DIGITAL / SMART Watches to the Examination Hall / Room.   Only Analog Wrist Watches may be permitted to be worn by the...
Updated on:21-Jan-2018
Date Sheet Of Board Examination 2018 (ICSE)
Dear Student, Kindly download the date sheet of ICSE board examinations 2018. Kindly click to VIEW for view and click to DOWNLOAD for download.                            ...

Updated on:21-Jan-2018
Date Sheet Of Board Examination 2018 (ISC)
Dear Student, Kindly download the date sheet of ISC board examinations 2018. Kindly click to VIEW for view and click to DOWNLOAD for download.                            ...

Updated on:05-Oct-2017
For Any Query Or Help Regarding e-Care Services.
Updated on:13-Sep-2017
School Rules to be followed strictly
1. Parents to drop the students at the gate only. 2. No Parent or visitors will be allowed in the school premises without an identity pass. 3. Outsiders please contact Telephone number 08090039161 for an appointment to meet the...
Updated on:09-Jun-2017
Principal's Meeting Time
Principal's meeting hours are from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm by prior appointment only.   Note:- All Parent/Guardian are requested to switch off their mobile/cell phones before entering in Principal's office.
Updated on:11-May-2017
Information For Class X Sc & XII Sc
Question   Which is the best college for pilot training?   Answer:   Dear students,   To become a Pilot, you need to follow a step by step process which is – Secure admission in a flying...
Updated on:01-May-2017
Following is the List of 15 holidays cancelled by Our Honorable Chief Minister.
Dear Parents, These will be now regular school working days: 1.    Jananayak Karpuri Thakur Janam Divas- 24 January 2017 2.    Maharishi Kashyap and Maharaj Guha Jayanti-05 April 2017 3.   ...
Updated on:17-Apr-2017
Dear Parent, Children are forbidden from carrying mobile phones to school. If mobiles are caught, it would be returned after the Final Term Examination.                        ...
Updated on:01-Apr-2017
Students are requested to submit their creativity at e-Care office for Kids' Corner.
Dear Students, Provide us with your best Paintings, Poems, Articles etc. to be uploaded in the Kids' Corner section of the school website. You can also mail us your creativity...
Updated on:01-Apr-2017
Introducing Playgroup Section
                St.Teresa's College is introducing PLAYGROUP( 3-4 years) section from the new session 2017-18.    Kindly contact the school office for further information....
Updated on:01-Apr-2017
How do I get the e-Care Mobile App of St. Teresa`s College, Aashiana, Lucknow for my phone?
Mobile Application for School:   'Franciscan e-Care' mobile app is a smart tool, a complete and comprehensive package which brings all e-Care facilities at one place at fingertips for all users...
Updated on:01-Apr-2017
To recover the password of your e-Care panel.
To recover the password of your  e-Care panel, use our new module of  "PASSWORD RECOVERY" and get password on your...       Mobile                   &...
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